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RCS 2020 Alumni Reunion POSTPONED Until October

Reluctantly, I am obligated to postpone our current RCS 2020 Reunion date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are in uncharted territory, witnesses to unprecedented events in our lifetime. Food, supplies, employment, and most importantly, the health of our Brothers and their families are all factors in my decision.

Hopefully the following important points will answer all your questions. Please read, and as always, if you have additional questions call me anytime.

Important points:

I’ve contacted St. Augustine Catholic High School to reschedule access to the campus for the RCS 2020 Reunion and they are unable to confirm a date until the Fall schedule is finalized. Unfortunately, they are unable to complete the schedule until after Easter weekend. The entire school administration is currently working on online study courses for their student body.

I will update everyone as soon as I can confirm a date. As of now, it appears it will LIKELY be on the weekend of October 23, 24, 25. All other details of the Reunion should remain the same other than the dates. If this new target date is a problem for anyone, please contact me...!!!

I am earnestly working on a date where we will have maximum participation – this is VERY important to me.

I intend to keep the reunion program and menu unchanged.

Anyone already registered and paid will automatically be transferred to the new Reunion dates (unless you need a refund).

Anyone already registered may get a refund at any time.

The new deadline for Registration and Payment is yet to be determined.

Anyone may still Register and Pay for the Reunion now at any time.

The website and registration form will be updated with the new dates as soon as possible.

I will continue to provide updates regularly on the website.

I ask for everyone’s patience in this matter.

There are no certainties except death, taxes, and the love of God.

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Chris Chavez
Chris Chavez
19 mars 2020

I assume that we need to cancel our hotel reservations...what say you?

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