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I'm definitely not a Catholic any more, not even a theist. I don't want to offend anyone, so I'll refrain from a lot of social interaction. I have a BS in Chemistry, and MS in Computer Science (from the '80's, although I've forgotten how to use an abacus), and an MA in Mathematics. I worked as a programmer for 38 years, going from punch cards to the web. I used assembler i(CDC and IBM 360) back when speed mattered. I never liked programming all that much, so since I retired I haven't done any. I still read, though, mostly history, molecular biology, and physics, although I've gotten pretty lazy. I bought some stuff in Latin, and I still remember some. I bought a dual language Greek new testament and am forcing myself to read Paul (who is kind of a flake, in my opinion, but to be fair he probably didn't write everything attributed to him). I wanted to see for myself all the contradictions in the new testament, because there are a lot of thumpers around who claim it's all true and we have to blindly do what it says--worse than economists. I don't care to attack anyone's faith, as long as they don't force it on other people. I read a lot about evolution, and find it enlightening and a great exercise in evidence-based thinking. Probably that's already too much. I don't have particularly happy memories of either the place or the experiences, but I do recall fondly some of the people. I assume Father Mac is dead, but maybe Father Hoyos is still around.

The book "Papal Sin" (Gary Wills), if you ignore the last chapter, explains very well why I left.



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