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John A. Kreyche, Class of 1970, Rest In Peace

John A. Kreyche, Class of 1970, Rest In Peace, Brother...!!!

John A. Kreyche 2/5/1953 – 12/1/1991 John's spirit was recently reunited with his family when he was identified as the victim of an accident that took place in 1991. Musician, poet, artist, mathematician, lover of the outdoors, and seeker of the divine, John grew up in Tucson hiking with his brothers and playing sports and music. He graduated from Regina Cleri Seminary in 1970 and attended Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. His last home was in Tucson, shared with his late partner, Jonathan A. Kendall. John, third of five children of the late Robert J. and Julianne Mangold Kreyche, is survived by stepmother, Ann Pritchard Kreyche; brothers Mike, Tom, and Andy, and sister, Cathy. John is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego. A Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, April 12, 2015.

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