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Rev. Louis Derbes, Requiescat in Pace

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Mathematics teacher at Regina Cleri Seminary.

Rev. Louis Joseph Derbes CM died at the Apostle of Charity Residence at St. Mary's of the Barrens Campus Perryville Mo. He was the son of Charles J. and Carmen Marie Louisa Antonini Derbes. Rev, Derbes was a member of the Congregation of the Mission, on May 31,1945 he professed his vows, and on May 20,1951 he was ordained a priest at St. Saint Mary's of the Barrens. He served St. Francis in Bethany, OK from 1951-1955; St. Vincent de Paul Seminary in Perryville, MO from 1955-1960; DePaul Academy in Chicago, IL from 1960-1962; St. John's Seminary in San Antonio, TX from 1962-1966; Regina Cleri Seminary in Tucson, AZ from 1966-1975; St. Vincent College in Cape Girardeau from 1975-1979; St. Louis Prep Seminary in St. Louis, MO from 1979-1982; DePaul Vincentian Residence in Chicago, IL from 1982-1989; and St. Mary's of the Barrens in Perryville, MO from 1989 to present.

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