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Updated - Current List Of Registered Guests

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The following Alumni have registered and paid for the Reunion festivities. The list is short, but there's plenty of time - don't wait until the last minute, The new additions are printed in red lettering.

Richard Troutman, '60

Chris Chavez, '60

Lloyd Daggett, '61

George Metro, '61

John Joyce, '61

Eddie Salgado, '61

Chester Pawloski, '62

Mark Homan, '69

Thomas McNamara, OFS, '72

David Fait, '73

Br. Robert Valentine, OFM, '74

Vince Johnson, '75

John Randazzo, '75

Victor Galvez, '75

I will from time to time update this list for everyone to see. Sign up, don't miss the boat...

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