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Campus Access For The 2020 Reunion Visit

Mr. Dave Keller, President, St. Augustine Catholic High School, has granted us complete access to the school grounds with the exception of the computer rooms on the main administration building’s second floor. We’ve been given an excellent opportunity revisit our beloved school, and to show our spouses/guests the locations of our special memories.

The school library no longer exists, it’s now a classroom.

What was the old study hall, once used as St. Francis de Sales Parish’s first location for Mass, is now the drama classroom/stage. Mr. Dave Keller will set up a table in the drama room with a complete set of RCS yearbooks formerly located in the school library.

We will use the drama room to examine the yearbooks, and to share old photos and documents that I hope Alumni will bring to the reunion. There will be chairs to sit and rest, and we will have bottled water available.

Check your old photo albums and documents for anything of interest to the RCS Alumni. Please bring these items with you…!!!

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